No, the best part of GlamSmile veneers is that it is not invasive and very little prep is done to your own teeth. We can’t remember an occasion where we have had to numb up a patient for impressions or the fit of the veneers.

At SmileOn Perth, we like to do a comprehensive examination at the first appointment. We also spend time telling you everything about the procedure, showing you our before and after photos, and answering all your questions.

Usually 4-5 weeks. However, we are thrilled that we now have the Medit i500 Scanner, which is the latest in state of the art dental technology, so now we can get your veneers back sooner, but bank on 4 weeks so that you are not disappointed.

If your teeth have not been cleaned within six months you should have a professional cleaning. If you plan ahead, you may be able to schedule both your impressions and a cleaning in one visit.

Yes, you will simply brush and floss your GlamSmile veneers just as you would your natural teeth. Proper dental hygiene is essential to maintaining your beautiful GlamSmile. As with natural teeth, you should always try to use low abrasion toothpaste to effectively but gently remove stains, plaque and tartar.

You can still floss as normal after receiving veneers, but your teeth and gums need to be taken care of and we suggest that you see your oral hygienist and dentist every 6 months.

We say be careful, yes you can eat the food you love but they are thin porcelain veneers and on-going sharp pressure on them will cause damage. We always say, take care of them like you would anything precious. If you are going to bite into corn on the cob, rather cut it off the cob and eat it that way, it doesn’t affect the taste.

Yes, a “gap” is called a diastema, and can be successfully and permanently closed with GlamSmile veneers, as long as the gap is not too wide.  We love these cases but will often discuss with you if we should still leave a tiny gap, as it is often part of your personality. But yes, so many of our cases are because people want their gaps closed, and not just the front teeth!

GlamSmile veneers will whiten severely stained (even tetracycline) and discolored teeth once and for all. GlamSmile veneers offer a truly affordable whitening solution!

Glamsmile veneers do not discolor and they cannot be whitened so they are a wonderful option for people who have tried everything and want white teeth.

We spend a fair amount of time talking about the right color for you as there are a few options and we want the color to suit your personality and age.

GlamSmile veneers can definitely change the shape, size and alignment of your teeth making them look straighter and more symmetrical. Since every veneer case is unique, we will assess your smile and provide you with treatment options specific to your individual needs.

In most cases, yes!  We would need to evaluate your teeth and make the final analysis as to whether orthodontics is necessary. In cases where the misalignment is moderate, GlamSmile veneers will change the alignment and the shape of the teeth making them appear straighter and more uniform.

We do work closely with a number of orthodontists and we would be happy to get a second opinion before we just choose to place GlamSmile Veneers on your teeth.

GlamSmile veneers are made of time-tested, high-quality pure porcelain, the same materials that have been successfully used to make traditional veneers. Many people who got veneers 20 years ago are still enjoying them today with no problems.

Normally any cosmetic dental restoration is designed to be long-term. If for some reason you required the removal of the veneers, it is possible. So long as your teeth have required roughening, the veneers can be removed. Please check with SmileOn Perth with your individual case.