GlamSmile Veneers

Our Philosophy – We would love everyone to be able to afford his or her best possible smile. GlamSmile was first developed in Europe with the goal of making cosmetic dentistry more financially accessible for more people, using specialised technology designed to minimise discomfort, time and costs while preserving healthy tooth tissue.

In 2008, GlamSmile was introduced to Australia and made available to select dentists around the country, allowing stunning Porcelain Veneers to transform Aussie smiles at a fraction of the cost some dentists charge for traditional porcelain veneers.

Over 10 years ago Sean Slotar bought the GlamSmile franchise in Perth, Western Australia and has done more cases than anyone else in Perth and even Australia. Sean Slotar owned Yokine Dental Centre before he sold it to Dental Partners that became the Maven Dental Group.

He loved doing Glamsmile Veneers with the main reason being he did not have to drill down the healthy teeth.

We are serious about affordable Smile Makeovers

GlamSmile’s revolutionary porcelain veneers have transformed the lives and smiles of over 5,000 Australians!

Super-strong GlamSmile porcelain veneers are much thinner than traditional veneers, and in most cases don’t require painful and unnecessary removal of healthy tooth structure. Sean can perform a full GlamSmile makeover in only two short visits, and best of all, it costs a mere fraction of the price of traditional veneers!

Ok so how much does it cost. We are not shy to let you know that GlamSmile veneers are only $950.00 each. We do often run different ‘offers’ based on a pay if forward system which we may get from the lab.

GlamSmile Payment Plans

We also offer an interest free payment plan through Zip money. Zip Money is simple and easy to apply for. SmileOnPerth do not offer other finance plans for the veneers and they have to be paid for in full when they are fitted.