The SmileOn Perth Experience

Your SmileOn Perth Experience

We love our job at SmileOn Perth.  It is not a job, it is something we enjoy doing, and we do it daily.

Can you imagine coming to work in a relaxed working environment, with no ringing phones and packed waiting rooms?

We don’t have targets to reach, so there is no pressure for you to book and get veneers.

Our consultation is complimentary, and although you may have to wait six weeks to get an appointment with us, when you do get to see us, we give you our time and energy!

We want your SmileOnPerth experience to be a tremendous, no pressure, non-judgemental experience.

We give you the best possible advice!

We may suggest you see an orthodontist first and then return to us for veneers. If we recommend you have restorative dentistry first, we will guide you in the right direction.

We work SO hard at making Perth Smile. So when a client walks in and presents us with a painting she painted for us as she just wanted to say thank you! She loved her new smile  It meant to world to us.

This stunning piece of art will hang on our walls at SmileOn Perth.



If you want the SmileOnPerth experience and want your new smile for Christmas, book in for your complimentary consultation and see what everyone is raving about.

Giving our clients a reason to smile is what we love the most about our jobs here at SmileOn Perth. We pride ourselves on our high-quality cosmetic dentistry offered at Perth’s most affordable porcelain veneers prices. With over 30 years of experience in the dental industry, we are one of Perth’s leading cosmetic dentists. 

Not only do we offer Perth’s most affordable cosmetic dentistry solutions, our SmileOn Perth also accepts payment options from ZipMoney, making the management of your healthcare costs even easier. 

For more information on cosmetic dentistry get in touch with us, or book your life-changing appointment online today.