Learning How To Smile Again

The hardest part of getting a new smile is learning how to smile.

These beautiful, confident men and women come through to my office after they have had their new smile fitted. They sit opposite me with a mirror in hand, and I say,  “Ok, let’s see you smile” and they all say the same thing! “I don’t know how to smile”, “I don’t know how to smile with my mouth open”, “I hold my mouth closed in photos”, or “I never laugh out loud.”

Not everyone can have a beautiful smile, but everyone should have a reason to smile; a reason to throw your head back, and laugh with confidence.

I once cringed through a business meeting, as I had acne and I thought that everyone was looking at my skin and would never take me seriously, and that week I went on Roaccutane to clear my skin. I understand how important it is to feel OK in the business world. It is hard enough trying to close a deal without worrying about your smile or skin!

When you are out and about, make sure your breath is fresh, your body smells clean and great. However, if you are still not confident about your smile, and simply want your best possible smile, come in and see us.

Be it in the workplace, at home or out socially; make sure you smile.

At SmileOn Perth, I invest a lot of time in teaching you how to smile, as there is no use having a great smile and not using it.

I will end this with a text I received today from a client named Lisa, and this is what made me think of how people find it so hard to smile.

“I can’t thank SmileOn Perth enough for how my new smile has transformed me and the confidence it has given me. I no longer have to hide my teeth- and thanks to the impromptu smiling lesson, I am smiling at anyone that looks at me (I can’t be the first client who didn’t have a clue how to smile). You both have given me the opportunity to be me but better! xxx”