GlamSmile Veneer Range

Explore GlamSmile’s range of affordable porcelain veneers

There are many different kinds of veneers available in Australia. The GlamSmile veneer range available to our clients is also varied dependent on your requirements and budget.

We choose to use the most affordable and the most popular porcelain veneers for our clients.

glamsmile veneers

SmileOn Perth has been fitting GlamSmile veneers for over 10 years and there is something about the GlamSmile Classic range that our clients just love, refer to their friends and ask for time and time again.

GlamSmile veneers are safe, they are thin, they are strong and they are porcelain.

One of our clients was the mother of the bride who decided that she wanted veneers on her teeth two weeks before her daughter’s wedding.

We had already created a GlamSmile makeover for both the bride and maid of honour and after seeing the results, the mother of the bride wanted to improve her smile too. Why wouldn’t she?

With the short time frame we didn’t have enough time to send the impressions away and provide the traditional turnaround time for GlamSmile veneers, as this previously took four weeks, so we made her porcelain veneers here in Perth within two weeks and we loved them!

Two days after the wedding the Mother of the bride returned to our office and asked us to remove these veneers and she ordered and paid for another whole set of GlamSmile veneers as that was the look she wanted.

GlamSmile Classic

Australia’s most affordable GlamSmile Classic veneer range is safe, effective and is exceedingly the most cost-effective cosmetic dental treatment. For only $998 per veneer, the GlamSmile Classic range is highly affordable and provides the majority of our clients with the smile makeovers they desire. The GlamSmile Classic range is six times more popular than other GlamSmile veneer ranges, as the price and results speak for themselves.

GlamSmile Plus+

GlamSmile Plus+ veneers are slightly more expensive than GlamSmile Classic veneers and they create an even greater, more natural appearance. GlamSmile Classic is a flatter white colour and there are three colour shades to choose from. In comparison, the GlamSmile Plus+ is still more affordable dentistry than traditional veneers, whilst providing a very natural smile.

Modelled off the success of GlamSmile’s best selling Classic porcelain veneer range, GlamSmile Plus+ gives patients more choices and a more natural appearance.

At SmileOn Perth, we love the results of both GlamSmile Classic and GlamSmile Plus+ and we offer our clients all alternatives at our practice, providing advice as to what we think is best for you, your teeth and your individual smile needs.

GlamSmile Platinum

The GlamSmile Platinum range provides premium aesthetics with a more realistic price point than the Classic range. Yes, GlamSmile Platinum are almost double the price of the GlamSmile Classic range, however the Platinum range offers additional benefits, including very realistic appearance, even more matched to your own teeth. Compared to traditional non GlamSmile veneers, GlamSmile Platinum is a highly affordable and desirable alternative.

A new smile shouldn’t cost more than a new car!

GlamSmile Platinum is our premium porcelain veneer, which can create a stunning, natural looking smile. In this we mean that the porcelain can have the colour movement of natural teeth. Dark and light shades and a shade guide is used to establish the right colour for your smile makeover.

There is another option when we have to incorporate a crown onto your smile. This means the crown is already in your mouth but you want the rest of your smile makeover completed with veneers. SmileOn Perth can work around this, and we will either have to match your veneers to the existing colour of the crown or redo the crown and make it part of your new GlamSmile makeover. This is the best option, as it does not cost that much more and the results are fantastic!