GlamSmile Technology

Ultra-thin, minimal-preparation porcelain veneers

Advanced ceramic milling and pressing techniques allow GlamSmile porcelain veneers to be made ultra-thin, as little as 0.3mm thick.

Reducing the thickness of the veneer means less preparation for the teeth, including invasive shaving or filing down of otherwise healthy tooth tissue.

There is a range of GlamSmile affordable veneers to suit more smiles and more budgets.

3d tray of glamsmile veneers

State-of-the-Art GlamSmile® Porcelain Veneers can be used to:

Whiten Lengthen Reshape Close gaps

A technological revolution for porcelain veneers

GlamSmile utilises the same quality e.max porcelain material as traditional veneers, however GlamSmile’s state-of-the-art design and production techniques have been specially developed for veneers that are super thin yet remarkably strong, so teeth require little preparation.

Compare GlamSmile’s full range of affordable porcelain veneers, only available from licensed providers.

Explore the Glamsmile Range.

glamsmile fit process

Custom smile design by experts for your best possible smile

GlamSmile’s laboratory technicians work in-hand with your GlamSmile dentist to design and create the ideal porcelain veneers for your new smile.

milling machine for glamsmile veneers

Digital Design – See your new veneers before they are made

GlamSmile’s original veneers are precision designed in 3D, allowing both patient and dentist to clearly see exactly how the veneers will fit and bond over existing teeth, allowing for design refinements and custom smile design for every patient.

glamsmile precision fit veneer design

Faster Cosmetic Dentistry means less overheads for patients

GlamSmile’s unique and patented veneer delivery tray fits perfectly across an entire dental arch, allows a GlamSmile provider dentist to seat and bond a full smile of up to 10 individually crafted veneers to the teeth in one smooth movement in less than one hour, rather than the lengthy traditional process of the dentist bonding each veneer one-at-a-time. Spending less time in the dentist’s chair also means you’ll be spending less money paying for their time – which is one reason why GlamSmile is so much more affordable.

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