Everyone Dreams Of A Beautiful Straight White Smile

Straight White Smile

Want to achieve a beautiful, straight, white smile? Your smile doesn’t have to be perfect, but it can be the best possible smile for you. 

We get so excited about GlamSmile Veneers. It is done in a dental chair and your complete dental health is very important to us. Once we have checked the general health of your teeth and gums you can have your GlamSmile impressions taken then and there with our new scanner the Medit i500, which is the latest in dental technology. SmileOn Perth was the first dentist in Perth to purchase this scanner and our patients love it as we no longer need to take uncomfortable bulky impressions, plus our new scanner is more accurate and speeds up your smile makeover by approximately two weeks. This is perfect for our clients who are getting ready for an important occasion, such as their wedding day.


Veneer Payment Options

We make sure that you understand everything you need to know, as well as show you veneers before and after photos of some of our 1,000+ GlamSmile Perth clients. He will also suggest and choose your veneer colour with you. 

We will take you through your GlamSmile costing and assist you with payment plans. We offer a variety of affordable payment options, including Zip money, bank transfer and all major credit cards, and I will go through all of your options with you as clearly as possible.

There is also an emotional side to changing your smile and we like to discuss this with you and make sure that you are comfortable with all of your cosmetic concerns. 


Once you have decided to go ahead with your GlamSmile procedure and you’ve signed your consent forms, we upload your impressions via the cloud and your new veneers are manufactured at the lab in France. Approximately two weeks later your GlamSmile Veneers arrive back in Perth and you can then come in for a one-hour appointment and have your new white, straight smile fitted!

This is emotional for all of us. Some of our clients laugh when they look at themselves in the mirror. Some cry happy tears as they are overwhelmed when they first see their beautiful new smile, and some take a few days to get used to their new smile. This is all OK as we are here to support you. 

There is no greater feeling than smiling with confidence.

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