Can I Get Veneers?

At SmileOnPerth we will do anything to try and get you the best possible smile. Dr Sean Slotar has done more Glamsmile veneer cases than anyone else in Australia, and at 54 years old (don’t tell him we included that in the webpage) he has over 30 years of dental experience.

So if there is a way to help you that will benefit your dental health and your smile we will do our best to do that.

Most people are suitable candidates for dental veneers but it must be remembered that it is a cosmetic process, not an orthodontic solution.

Veneers will not correct badly misaligned teeth or overbite, and in this case, Sean will advise you of this and refer you to an orthodontist. There are patients that return to us once they have corrected their bite or misaligned teeth and then with the greatest of pleasure, we put Glamsmile veneers on their teeth and the results are outstanding.

Veneers also need healthy teeth on which to attach. Any decay or gum disease must be treated prior o the attachment of veneers. Sean is a very good general dentist and he will be able to do all the restorative dentistry for you. He is also known as a pain-free dentist which is an added bonus. However, he does not do the oral hygiene and gum disease appointments so he will refer you out for those appointments which are very important.

In addition to this, if you suffer fringe teeth grinding, called bruxism, then veneers are also not a suitable option. Persistent teeth grinding can cause veneers to chip, break for even detach completely from the tooth. But once again Sean will go through all this with you at your first appointment and will give you all the different options available to you.

Veneers can be the cosmetic answer for:

  • Gaps between the teeth -but we still like to leave a small gap as often it is your character
  • Broken chipped and cracked teeth – oh what a difference this makes. It honestly makes you look 10 years younger and so much healthier. I love these results and so do the clients.
  • Badly stained or coloured teeth. The funny thing is that naturally yellow teeth whitening better than naturally grey teeth, fo sometimes veneers are the only option and we get great results in this area. However it is very important to then upkeep the whitening of the lower teeth or in some cases where the lowers are very grey, veneer those as well.
  • Crooked or irregular shaped teeth. This is where we wave our magic wand and we actually do have a wound at the office as the results are outstanding and people leave in complete disbelief. In these cases we will show you literally hundreds of different examples.

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