Veneers Perth Before & After Case Study – Amy

Amy is our woman in red. When Amy came to us, all she wanted was a beautiful smile.

Amy is getting married, but she is not sure exactly when and her smile makeover has nothing to do with her wedding. It is all about her.

The upside is that her new smile will last years past her wedding day.

Amy came to us with a large crossover of her front teeth. After much discussion with Amy, establishing that she would like the most natural smile we can achieve, we decided to send her case to our lab in Perth WA. Amy’s porcelain veneers were made by hand and her colour was realistic.

I wish I could tell you more about this case, however Amy’s photos and video speak for themselves. The before photos do not resemble the Amy we know today. Her smile bursts through her photos and her confidence matches her beautiful new smile! Amy, we loved having you at our practice, and you can’t believe how many people enjoyed your transformation. Keep smiling and we are looking forward to enjoying seeing you as a bride.