Porcelain Veneers Case Study – Toni

We are so happy to see more and more women putting themselves first! 

They have decided that they have spent enough money on their kids’ orthodontics, and now want to have their best possible smile without the long painful processes. Treat yourself with the best possible smile, and book your veneer appointment with SmileOn Perth.

At a certain age, people know the importance of looking after what they have. Our patients know that getting their best possible smile can be done without destroying their natural teeth. This is of the utmost importance! 

SmileOn Perth is the perfect dental option for patients seeking this option, as we offer natural-looking veneers for an affordable price. We offer the most affordable veneers cost in Perth.

View our amazing veneers Perth “before and after” with Toni.

In Toni’s case, she wanted her teeth straightened without having braces at her age. She also wanted whiter teeth as over the years her natural teeth had aged and stained.

At an age when facelift and botox are our go-to options for keeping ourselves looking young and healthy, white veneers give your smile the facelift you are looking for!

Toni is a healthy beautiful woman with wonderful skin and cheekbones to die for. She has such a pretty face and we are so pleased to be able to add to her great appearance with our veneers in Perth.

Today, the team at SmileOn Perth just enhanced what Toni already had with 6 porcelain veneers in OM1 high translucence in the Hollywood style smile. 

Thank you Toni for being a great client and letting us share your story. View all our veneer before and after stories!


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