Porcelain Veneers Case Study – Taylor

Taylor chose a unique smile. What made it special was that she chose a flat white veneer. Our term for this is “low translucency”, which means we limit the amount of light that shines through the veneers, giving it a flat white appearance.

I always ask the question… “Do you want people to know that you have veneers or that you are both lucky?”. The answers I am looking for will help us determine if you want a high translucency veneer that looks more tooth-like and not an unmistakable Hollywood style!

Both veneers are available in several different shades.

There is no right or wrong choice.

One veneer doesn’t look better than the other. It is simply a case of what your dream smile looks like.

Taylor chose six veneers in OM1, the whitest shade, and with a low translucency finish.

Once fitting her veneers, which she loves, she has decided to add two additional veneers to make her smile an eight veneer smile!

This is an easy thing for us to do as we still have her original scan, and in a few weeks, she will have a completed smile.

Taylor is in the beauty industry and looking her best is important to her! This is the reason that she chose SmileOnPerth to give her, her best possible smile!

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