Porcelain Veneers Case Study – Meegan

Meegan’s Veneers Case Study

Meegan flew in from up north to see us! View her dental veneers story below.

Meegan needed a combination of 3 crowns and 3 veneers to achieve the smile that she dreamed of. We had to fit it in with flights and other appointments in Perth.

Meegan has always wanted a smile she would be proud of. However, as much as we wanted to, we needed to be aggressive with 3 of her teeth to make her new smile work. At her first appointment, we did 3 crown preps and Meegan left with 3 temporary crowns. We also scanned her other teeth to send to our lab, so that the whole case could be made at the same time.

Meegan had to be very careful with these temporary crowns, as they can come off, and since she lived far away, we would not have been able to see her for emergency appointments.

She returned to our practice and today, we fitted her whole case. She had flown down to Perth, stayed with her mum, and there was so much excitement around Meegan’s new veneers!

We removed the 3 temporary crowns and fitted all 6 units forming Meegan’s new smile. Meegan chose om1 the whitest shade, as she wanted to choose the colour of her future new teeth.

Meegan chose the Hollywood style smile.

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Meegan, thank you for letting us share your smile story!


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