Porcelain Veneers Case Study – Courtney

View these amazing veneers Perth before and after ‘Case Study’ with Courtney.

Courtney came to see us at SmileOn Perth, in the hopes that we could help her with her smile… Or more importantly, change the fact that she never smiled!

She forced her mouth closed in every photo and at every event she refused to smile. This was disheartening to hear, as Courtney is beautiful! Her face, eyes and hair shone, and not being able to smile impacted her confidence.



After a long consultation with SmileOn Perth, we provided her with a treatment plan for her to think about and move forward with.

We suggested orthodontics as her first and best option, however one of her concerns as she was not happy with the colour and shape of her own natural teeth and would therefore still want veneers after the orthodontics to complete her smile.

In addition to this, she had already considered orthodontics and this was a lengthy and costly process, so she decided that our plan was the one she wanted to go with.

In order to achieve her best possible smile, we would have to extract her front tooth… And honestly, she was happy to see that go. It was almost a relief to say goodbye to that tooth that had caused her much embarrassment and heartache over the years.

We made her a temporary 3 unit bridge for her to go home with. At this point, she could already visualise how her new smile would look and she was thrilled with the result.

The gum area had to heal, so she had to wait six weeks before we re-worked the bridge and took the scan of her mouth.

Courtney’s new smile consisted of a three-unit bridge and three veneers. View our Perth veneers cost page for more pricing information.

Courtney is brave to share her story. She supplied her before photo and we are so grateful and proud to share it with you!

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