GlamSmile Case Study – Anna

Anna couldn’t wait to share her story on social media, purely because it was because of her smile that she came to Smile On Perth.

She was looking through our Veneer Before and Afters and saw a before photo of a smile just like hers. She then scrolled through that client’s specific before and after photos, and their “mirror please” reveal, and she instantly felt hopeful that she too, could have her best possible smile.


Anna’s two front teeth came out in what we call the butterfly effect – with one tooth sitting at an angle over the other. Anna would require years of orthodontics to rectify this problem, and we did stress that orthodontics was her first and best option. Even if Anna had orthodontics, she was not happy with the shape of her teeth, colour, and style, so she said, she would still want veneers after orthodontics.

Anna made an appointment to come and see us at Smile On Perth.

She was happy for us to video the whole process so that we could explain to other clients what to expect when they came in for their fitting procedure and was ecstatic with the results achieved!

Anna chose GlamSmile Veneers as they were thin and could accommodate her compromised smile, and picked the 2nds whitest shade, which suited her personality and met her expectations.

She chose a natural smile style finish, and with all these detailed expectations, her smile reveal speaks for itself! Anna, may your enthusiasm bubble over wherever you go. You are so beautiful and you deserve your best possible smile.