Porcelain Veneers Case Study – Josh

About four weeks ago, a shy and reserved Josh walked into SmileOn Perth with the view to discard a plate he has worn for years and achieving his best possible smile. After an hour consultation with us, we outlined the pros and cons of a two-unit bridge in opposed to a removable denture, Josh felt more confident about his future smile.

Josh then came through to see SmileOn Perth to discuss the financial aspects of his treatment plan, and look at different payment options. He thanked us for all the information and left our practice without booking his appointment. To our complete surprise, seven minutes later he walked back into our practice and said “I want to go ahead”.  Josh took advantage of our 18-month interest free Zip Money payment plans.

A week later Josh came in for his first appointment, and at that appointment Josh said goodbye to his removable partial denture. That alone was life changing! Six weeks later we fitted his permanent bridge and five porcelain veneers, all made from the same colour porcelain, therefore matching perfectly. Each veneer was individually placed to create Josh’s best possible smile. Josh is a quiet man; he is a man of few words and I wasn’t sure if he would be happy with us sharing his story. He is a perfect example of a picture speaks a 1,000 words, but his ‘pass the mirror please’ video brought everybody to tears.

Thank you Josh for allowing me to share your story. Keep smiling! 😊