GlamSmile Case Study – Emma

Emma’s GlamSmile story began four years ago. Emma is extremely beautiful and unfortunately, her smile let her down. She not only had badly marked teeth, she also large gaps between her teeth. Emma simply did not smile. I look through her Instagram page and there were no photographs of her smiling. Although she looked happy, she didn’t smile.

Four weeks ago, Emma arrived at SmileOn Perth with her wonderful partner Brandon and beautiful baby Shiloh in toe, and this is when her dream began. At this appointment we took a scan of her teeth and she put down her deposit. The before photos of her teeth were captured for the last time. During the next four weeks, she followed all of our before and after photos and stories on Instagram and her comments remained the same “I’m next. Soon this will be me. I can’t wait!”

Yesterday her day finally came. She was dressed to kill, her makeup was immaculate, and with an open heart she allowed us to video and record her whole story. She wanted to show other people that there is a simple and pain free solution to a smile you couldn’t be proud of. In the video below outlines is Emma’s story in her own words. It shows the emotion, the pain free results, and the gratitude towards SmileOn Perth.