About Us

Sean Slotar is best known for his dad jokes and for putting his patients as ease from the minute you walk through the door. Sean has over 30 years for general dental experience. He qualified in South Africa in 1987 where he was a partner in a big dental practice in

Twenty years ago, he decided to migrate to Australia and call Perth home, he had to once again sit the Australian dental exams and he passed these with flying colours. So, basically Sean has studied dentistry twice. But that is not what makes him different. He loves changing people’s lives. He is naturally a shy man, so he understands the importance of confidence and if a smile makes you feel more confident, he is so happy to be a part of that process.

The owners of SmileOn Perth, Lara and Sean Slotar

He chose to partner with GlamSmile over 10 years ago when we owned Yokine Dental, now known as Maven Dental Yokine, as he loved the idea of creating a new stunning smile for our patients, without damaging healthy teeth. When he bought the franchise, we were obligated to do three GlamSmile cases per month. Within a short time, we were doing well over 33 GlamSmile cases per month and it has increased since then. There may be times you come in for your dental appointment and his little Shelty dogs Raymond and Dreamer are there to greet you. They know they are not allowed into the surgery but having them at work from time to time lights up his life and everyone who comes into contact with our fur babies.

I am sure that by now you have realised that there is another major part to Sean’s life, and this is where I come in. I am his wife, Lara and I run the practice. Some of you have met me and you will know where Sean can be quiet, I am over the top with enthusiasm and excitement and we have worked together in the dental world for over 15 years and we basically finish each other’s sentences.

We are both 6-foot-tall and the shortest in our family, as we have two children and they go up from there. Our daughter Shayna lives in Sydney and our son David lives at home with us in Perth and basically runs our home.

Sean and I bought and managed Yokine Dental Centre for over 15 years and sold it to the Maven Dental Group six years ago. We led a team of 18 staff, with four dentists, four hygienists, all working five days a week along with support staff, my mum Sandy and later my sister Jodi, and of course Raymond and Dreamer.

It all got too much, we are now both 50+ (though I don’t look it) and we wanted a quality of life, so we decided to open SmileOn Perth. We love the name of our new practice as it is exactly that, we are putting a smile on Perth. We don’t open our practice every day, however I answer the phone every day and we do our very best to accommodate all our patients.

I know this is not the normal profile about your dentist and his practice manager, but once you meet us, you will see that we offer the dental world something different, and that is what is most important to us.

Looking forward to meeting you.

Keep Smiling,

Sean and Lara Slotar